Faime Alpagu, BA MA

Faime Alpagu holds an ÖAW doctorate scholarship and works in the research project "Translating Wor(l)ds. Reconstructing biographical experiences and competences of young refugees at schools in Austria". She is a lecturer at the Department of Sociology and the Department of Education at the University of Vienna as well as at the Department of Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria. Her research focus areas are

  • Migration in images
  • Representation of refugees
  • Combination of biography research with visual segment analysis according to Breckner.

Her dissertation project ‘Migration Narratives Juxtaposed: A Sociological Analysis of Photos, Letters and Biographies of “Guest Workers” from Turkey living in Austria’ analyses photographs and letters of Turkish ‘GastarbeiterInnen’. The letters and photographs are contrasted with her recently conducted biographical-narrative interviews as well as official documents such as employment contracts. The aim is to develop a method to systematically interrelate visual and linguistic forms of expression and their differing time references. Faime Alpague’s dissertation project was awarded with the Dissertation Award for Research on Migration by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. 

Contact: faime.alpagu@univie.ac.at

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